SHIPPING matters.

Ecommerce shipping should be viewed as a crucial asset that brings repeat customers to your business, not an annoying by-product of selling online.


Shipping Matters to Customers

Ecommerce consumers care about a great shipping experience. In fact, 78% of online shoppers demand the ability to track shipments for their online purchases, but only 31% of online stores provide this service to their customers.


Spend Less Time on Shipping

How many hours does your company spend trying to process online orders and get them ready to ship? Using LABL's automation rules and batch processing, your business can save up to 20 hrs each week.


Spend Less Money on Shipping

Whether you ship thousands of orders a day or you are just a startup, you will get up to 70% off retail USPS rates ol' Joe is paying while standing in line at the post office.


Process Thousands of Orders at Once

Don't let the smooth and intuitive UI fool you, this app has some umph. LABL's customers can edit, manage, and process thousands of orders at the same time.


Integrate All Your Stores

Do you have multiple Shopify stores, Amazon, Ebay, and Marketplace orders? You can finally manage all of your online orders in a single dashboard. Check out the integrations page to find your platform.



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